Chicken Poo Pusher

The Chicken Poo Pusher was developed for pushing chicken muck from under hen egg laying systems. When the hens’ sheds are mucked out between flocks a deep clean is required. John visited Simon Bainbridge’s hen shed and witnessed lads on their backs under the system shovelling the hen muck out. A machine was required!

The Chicken Poo Pusher has been hired by several Egg producers all of which love it and have seen the huge benefits in the labour saving on a very unpleasant job.

The Chicken Poo Pusher is for hire at £300/day or £300/shed.

The Chicken Poo Pusher had a ram made especially for the job, 12m hydraulic hoses connect to a tractor outside the shed providing the oil service required. A lever on the machine allows very accurate operation. The whole machine is galvanised allowing it to be properly sterilised between jobs.

For an unbiased opinion please ask Simon himself: 07718 740 287. Videos below.