Seed Drills at Longwitton, Northumberland

Goodfellow Farming has a range of seed drills available for diverse agriculture.

Vaderstad Rapid 6 Metre

This drill is proven to give results and is used for the majority of Goodfellow Farming sowing. Can be used both on ploughing and minimum tillage.

Claydon 6 Metre

A recent purchase to the business with a view to carry out direct drilling to cut down our establishment costs. Purchased as a six metre to work alongside our controlled traffic approach using 12m rollers 36 litres sprayers.

Lemken Combination 3 Metre Drill

Bought primarily for sowing game plots and small fields. This is also our wet weather back up machine in a wet sowing period.

Skiing 2010 015Samco Maize Drill

Since 2009 Goodfellow has been sowing maize under plastic for both commercial forage crops and game crops. This unique machine is able to spray weed killer both under and around the plastic allowing good weed control. The plastic increases soil temperature so that is equivalent to a field 200 miles south. Establishing maize in Northumberland without plastic is difficult.

Our custom built OSR drill 3m
Our custom built OSR drill 3m

Oil Seed Rape Drill – 3m or 6m

Just for oil seed rape sowing. We have designed and built our own oil seed rape sowing system  based on the Gregoire Besson Discordon cultivator (this machine has the ability to sub-soil at depth and to create a good tilth.

Our custom Built OSR Drill 6m
Our custom Built OSR Drill 6m

The seed is distributed at 50cm spacing. Liquid Urea fertiliser is sprayed in the same van as the seed giving rapid and vigorous establishment. The machine also spreads slug pellets the width of the drill.

The success of the 3m drill stimulated us to build a 6m as well which is pulled by the Quadtrac (as pictured). We’re drilling over 1000 acres of OSR a year.