Sprayers & Fertiliser at Longwitton Farm, Northumberland


Horsch PT280

Horsch (36 metre/ 8000L)

New to us in 2018, this sprayer significantly increases our output. It’s boom levelling system gives us a perfect spray pattern all the time, ensuring better utilisation of the chemicals we are applying.

Self Propelled Multi Drive Chafer (36 Metre/ 5000L Tank)

High output sprayer with flotation and row crop wheels. This machine is fitted with GPS auto-section shut off. The 5000 Litre tank allows us to get a lot of fertilising done before we need to refill – saving time.

Liquid Fertiliser

Goodfellow farming has been using liquid fertilisers since the early 1980s as firm believers in the system and the benefits of liquid fertiliser. We can apply fertiliser very accurately right to the edge of the field without any wastage. We mix our own Ammonia Sulphate and Urea in our 3 mixing tanks based at Longwitton. This gives our customers a price advantage over competitors.