Longwitton Shoot

Longwitton Shoot is a well established shoot covering approximately 2,400 acres in Northumberland. Blocks of woodland have been thoughtfully positioned throughout the estate to provide habitats to ensure quality shooting. This has been supplemented with game plots, mainly maize, to provide quality drives. Guests will experience an enjoyable day in the beautiful Northumberland countryside.

Terms & Conditions
The shoot offers pheasant and partridge; we can provide bags of between 100 to 200 birds per day. Days are let out on an eight gun basis. Shooting is charged at £38 per bird (no VAT). This price includes morning refreshments and waiter served lunch in our dining facilities. Complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be available throughout the day. (This is not included on smaller days, less than 150 birds) We operate a 10 % variance system on the bag i.e. 180 to 220 on a 200 bird day, any excess is charged at £32 per bird.

A rebate of £38 per bird may be given when the bag is under the variance, providing that a cartridge to kill ratio of 3:1 has been achieved.

Once confirmation of your agreed date has been received, an invoice will be sent out for 50% of the total balance, this is a non-refundable deposit. The remainder of the balance will be invoiced and payment will be required two weeks prior to your shooting date. The shoot will keep the deposit in the event of the day being cancelled for reasons beyond our control (e.g. severe weather or avian influenza restrictions). We reserve the right to alter any shooting days if extreme circumstances deem this necessary. It is up to the individual teams to take out insurance against such conditions if they wish.

We fully endorse the Code of Good Shooting Practice. Semi-automatics are not permitted. All shooters must be covered by third party insurance for £5 million, possess a valid Shotgun Certificate. The Shoot has full insurance cover for providing let days.

Safety is paramount at all times. If there is a question of unsafe practice, it will be discussed with the shoot leader. In this situation the offender may not be allowed to continue on the day or the remainder of the day could be cancelled. If any of the guns are inexperienced, the shoot will provide a minder to stand with the gun provided that two weeks notice has been given.